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Laser Training System

Force-on-force system for law enforcement and special operations forces.

Laser duel simulators have been used in the military sector for more than 30 years. The basic idea: realistic range, accurate hit detection and detailed evaluation capabilities as prerequisites for training where trainees learn for (survival) life. Train in combat – maximum realism for the greatest possible training effect.

Our products can be used for tactical training, for active training shooting scenarios by police forces, for special units as well as for private security companies.

From CQB situations at close range to sniper operations at 1000 m, any type of training exercise can be carried out in any weather and terrain.
The system is highly precise, efficient, expandable at any time, and uncomplicated to use. In short: a system with the best price-performance ratio.

It offers immediate and unambiguous hit detection with unimagined precision.
We offer the complete solution for an effective and realistic training including live data feed and AAR (“after action review”) possibilities.

The Duel Simulator is a system that provides direct feedback to the user through muscle stimulation.