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Drone Defence

The use of drones is rapidly increasing, and with it, the need for effective drone defense measures. Organizations must be prepared to respond to potential drone threats and protect their assets, personnel, and the public. We support our clients in the field of drone defence by sharing our indebt knowledge in tactical and technical matters.

Drone defense refers to the measures taken to protect people, property, and critical infrastructure from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones. The objective is to detect, track, and neutralize threats posed by drones, including those used for malicious purposes such as smuggling, surveillance, or attack. We support our clients with situation analysis, recommendations for a tactical concept.

The drone defense system includes a combination of hardware, software, and personnel trained to respond to drone threats. This includes early warning and detection systems, such as radar and cameras, as well as countermeasures such as jamming devices and physical capture systems. Meritis supports the creation of RFI, RFQ and its evaluation. Effective drone defense requires a coordinated and integrated approach, involving collaboration between government agencies, law enforcement, and the private sector. It also involves continuous monitoring and adaptation to changing drone technology and threat landscapes.