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Augmented reality simulation training

We offer AR solutions based on AR lenses or tablets.
Our core applications support the creation of any content on a multilingual basis.

CORE simplifies simulation training in several ways. No fixed technical installations are required and, more importantly, the system is used at the trainee’s location and not vice versa. This pays off in cost savings and time savings. The CORE system comes in a hard case, fits in any car and is set up within minutes. The instructor goes to the appropriate location with the system – depending on the content, training is held at the local firing range for live-fire exercises, in a classroom for simulations or in a vacant office space for CQB training. As the database includes any type of application, scenarios can be trained first on a simulation basis before being executed in live fire.

New technologies allow to program a system for live fire and laser-based simulation. New engines with advanced graphical capabilities and Resolutions go up to 8K, 4K is standard. Augmented reality is the new standard for simulation. Integrated pain penalty functions are an optional part of the system. Smart log-ins will assure that the same core system can be used by a trainer in a shooting range and at the same time by a trainee for E Learning.